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A young associate (Glenn Ford) at a Montana law firm is trapped in an all-work/no credit grind until his tipsy spouse (Ruth Roman) gets him canned, creating the “opportunity” to pack up the clan and try to strike it rich in the land of L.A. law. Unfortunately, he still needs to pass the California bar. So, what’s a young man to do but loan his last dollar to a provocatively named chanteuse (Dorianne Gray, played by Denise Darcel) and become study-buddies with the enchanting Joyce Laramie (Nina Foch). And soon after his wife accidentally takes a bet for the ex-bookie who used to live in their cheap apartment, life leads our young man to court where he has to plead for his life. Mitchell Leisen directs.


Audrey Hepburn and Robert Wolders, 1980s.

"Sometimes, Audrey would become exasperated because Doris or somebody would say, ‘What do you do all day?’ We found that the day would fly by because the things we were involved with took a lot of time—the market, and so forth.  You cook a meal carefully, hours go into that.  For our own sake, but mostly for the dogs, we’d go to the lake and take our walks there.  On a Sunday afternoon, if the weather allowed, we would have a swim, take some sun—invariably, at some point, Audrey would disappear and come back with a basket of fruit or vegetables.” -Robert Wolders

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